McMorris Rodgers: Better Off Now in Eastern Washington and across the country

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) led this morning’s House Republican Leadership press conference with news from Eastern Washington that highlights one of the many ways our economy is Better Off Now than it was two years ago. Thanks to Republican policies, we have a booming economy, safer communities, and a stronger military. As Chair McMorris Rodgers notes, our work continues this week with the FY19 NDAA conference report and legislation to help lower the costs of health care. For more info, visit  

Chair McMorris Rodgers’s Remarks:

“In our booming economy, people in Eastern Washington are also Better Off Now. I have the privilege of representing ten counties in Eastern Washington, and one of them — Stevens County — is a timber-dependent county that has struggled with double digit unemployment for many, many years. And employers like the Vaagen Brothers started in the 1950s when the brothers, Bert and Bud, started their lumber business. Today, they’re still family-owned and operated. They’re one of the largest employers in Colville, Washington. They log and produce timber that we need to build our homes and our businesses, and they’ve led the way with state of the art technology to boost sustainability in our forests and combat the catastrophic wildfires that we see regularly in the Northwest.

“Because of tax reform, they’ve initiated a 5 percent across-the-board pay increase for all of their employees. That’s big in Colville, Washington. They have the confidence that they need today to be able to go ahead and purchase even more equipment and technology so that they will remain competitive.

“Like in Eastern Washington, tax reform and pro-growth policies are working. You can see more of those results and more of those stories at

“This week we’re also continuing our work on solutions that will further improve people’s lives, keep them safe…moving forward with the 2019 NDAA that includes the largest pay increase for our military personnel in nine years. We’re also taking action on a number of bills to expand health savings accounts, repealing the medical device tax, increasing people’s care choices, while lowering costs.

“I’m really pleased this morning to have Rep. French Hill with us today. According to a recent Heritage report…the average household in Arkansas’s 2nd District will see a take-home pay increase of $17,000 in the next ten years, thanks to tax reform. With more money in their pocket, the families that he represents are Better Off Now — and he’s going to tell us a little bit more about that.”