Making the internet free!

Talking about the importance of the internet on the internet is ironic. But it’s worth noting the opportunities internet access brings to our lives.

As Americans become increasingly reliant on mobile technology and on-the-go internet access, there are many state and local governments who see an opportunity to make money with a new tax. This approach is not just wrong; it’s the opposite of what a 21st century government should promote.

Yesterday the House acted, passing the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act. The sponsor, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) wrote about the issue in an op-ed today to Red Alert:

The last thing that Americans need is an additional tax. This move is not good for American consumers or for the future of the Internet.

In the House Judiciary Committee where I serve as Chairman, we recently approved the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act(H.R. 3086) that would ban state and local governments from taxing Americans for Internet access – permanently.

And yesterday, the bill advanced to the House Floor and passed unanimously. Now it is the Senate’s turn to pass this vital piece of legislation to protect American consumers.

Read the full op-ed here.