“Lower taxes. We can keep more. We can do more.”

Did you know that in Michigan, 40 percent of residents can’t afford basic necessities?

It’s a startling number. Knowing just how many of our fellow Michiganders are barely scraping by is a constant reminder to my colleagues and me of the responsibility we have as their representatives. It’s on us to do everything in our power to grow the economy and increase opportunities available to families and individuals across our home state.

That’s why I support our Unified Framework for Fixing the Broken Tax Code. Instead of punishing hard work, pro-growth tax reform will make it possible for Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money. That means more money to put food on the table, buy school supplies, and save for a rainy day.

For Bob Silverman of Stellar Engineering, tax reform means new equipment, repairing broken pipes, and reinvesting the company’s earnings. He tells my office that if given the financial freedom through a lower corporate tax rate, he’d go after more opportunities that he can’t right now, and they’d hire more people. Putting it simply, Bob says, “Lower taxes. We can keep more. We can do more.”

Bob is one of the many faces of tax reform. His story and so many like his are why I’m looking forward to House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers joining me in Michigan this morning on her “Faces of Tax Reform” tour.

It’s important that the American people’s voices remain at the center of what we do. Because at the end of the day, tax reform isn’t about political victories — it’s about improving lives.

Want to know how our tax plan will help you and your family? Text TAX REFORM to 50589.