Did you know the House Championed Americans’ Priorities this Year?

Did you know that House Republicans have made huge strides in improving the American people’s lives this year?

We’ve passed legislation that champions Main Street and economic security. We’ve worked to rebuild our military and restore peace of mind for American families. We’ve even made strides in fixing Washington.

Here are 5 ways the House has helped everyday Americans this year

  1. MAIN STREET JOBS & ECONOMIC SECURITY: We brought you a fairer, simpler tax code through the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and passed legislation that revitalized Main Street by repealing Dodd-Frank (giving relief to community banks that small businesses rely on every day). Additionally we worked to expand skills-based education and development empowering everyday Americans with the right skills to get better-paying jobs. (Fact check here).
  2. PATIENT-CENTERED HEALTH CARE: This year the House repealed and replaced Obamacare with a system that protects people with pre-existing conditions while bringing down costs and expanding choices for families. Unfortunately, our counterparts in the Senate did not succeed in doing the same. Though just this week, we did repeal  the individual mandate as part of the final tax bill, which was passed by both chambers. (Fact check here).
  3. REBUILDING OUR MILITARY: This year the House passed a bill that strengthens the U.S. military, modernizes its equipment, and restores our troops’ readiness. This bill was signed into law on December 12, 2017. Through this legislation, we provided service members with their biggest pay raise in eight year. (Fact check here).
  4. PEACE OF MIND FOR FAMILIES: We added more resources to fight the opioid epidemic and passed sweeping reforms to end human trafficking. Additionally, we passed legislation that will increase resources for border security and reform immigration laws in order to better protect law-abiding citizens from criminal aliens. And that’s not all, we also passed legislation that protects life, and will deliver affordable and reliable energy to everyday Americans across our country. (Fact check here).
  5. FIXING WASHINGTON: This year, the House offered record relief from Obama-era red tape passing 16 bills that strike harmful regulations from the books. Additionally, we demanded greater accountability at the VA and for unelected bureaucrats by passing legislation to make any major regulation subject to an up-or-down vote of Congress. (Fact check here).

If you want to see which of these bills have passed into law, or if you’re interested in how else the House has been working for you, visit www.DidYouKnow.gop.

To find out more about the specific legislation mentioned in this article, please visit www.congress.gov.