Veterans Day is about remembering sacrifice

We live in the greatest nation on earth, enjoying freedoms won and maintained by the service of our veterans. Since the first citizen-soldiers fired the “shot heard around the world” on the Lexington Common, millions of Americans have dutifully answered their nation’s call by risking everything in the defense of liberty. Their sacrifice warrants our respect, and they deserve our support.

I grew up going to a small church in Union, Mississippi. Every year on the Sunday of Veterans Day, our pastor would recognize the military veterans in the congregation by asking them to stand. The pride that those men standing in their dress uniforms showed left a mark on me that has not faded with time. I thanked them then, not fully understanding the level of sacrifice their service entailed, and their pride was a source of inspiration for me to join the Mississippi Army National Guard almost 32 years ago. Today, my commitment to serve our nation continues in both theNational Guard and as the First District U.S. Representative for Mississippi.

Wherever you live, take the opportunity to attend a Veterans Day event or simply shake the hand of a veteran and thank him or her for their service. If you can, seek out the spouse or family member of a veteran for the quiet sacrifices that they have made for our nation. They deserve our gratitude as well.

As we commemorate Veterans Day in our great nation, we must remember the sacrifices so many have made—and continue to make—in my home state of Mississippi as well as across America. They deserve it.