Keeping the Internet Free… #STUCK

For countless Americans, access to the internet means access to a world of opportunity. Whether it’s online courses and student resources; job applications and career information; online answers and directions — the internet is increasingly essential.

Unfortunately, many state and local governments are pursing an “internet tax” — using it as an opportunity to make money on a resource that we all use every day. This approach is the opposite of what a 21st-century government should promote. This summer, House Republicans passed H.R. 3086, the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, to prohibit state and local governments from taxing internet access.

For many Americans, the internet is a gateway to opportunity — and House Republicans understand that. This bill protects Americans from unnecessary taxes that debilitate their opportunities — and ensures that all Americans have access to the resources they need.

However, this bill is stuck… (you guessed it) in the Senate. Since its passage through the House earlier this year, H.R. 3086 has been sitting Harry Reid’s desk, gathering dust, joining the dozens of other House-passed bills.  Whether it’s for the classroom or a career — or both — Americans need access to the internet. Yet while House Republicans are working to ensure internet freedom, Senate Democrats aren’t doing anything.

It’s time for the Senate to work with us to help Americans. We’re not the only ones tired of seeing solutions #StuckInTheSenate — the American people are tired of it, too.