Jordan: The President’s Case Is Strong On Constitutional Grounds, On Fact He Was Denied Due Process, And On The Facts That Have Never Changed

REP. JIM JORDANWe did an analysis of the Democrats’ presentation, and the individual they cited the most, more than twice as many as any other witness, was Ambassador Sondland who during his testimony said he had no notes, no recollections, no records of all kinds of things that they cited more than twice as much as the next guy, Ambassador Taylor, and obviously Mr. Sondland is the guy who had to do the addendum to his deposition testimony where he had seven clarifications he had to make after hearing from other witnesses, seven adjustments he had to make to his testimony. So we think it’s kind of interesting that that is the person the Democrats relied on the most in their case and of course if you remember the moment when Congressman Turner questioned Mr. Sondland during the hearing, Mr. Sondland said it is all based on my presumptions. So that is their key witness, again the guy they cited 611 times in their report. Today you will hear the facts. As we’ve said all along our case, the President’s case is so strong on constitutional grounds, so strong on the fact he was denied due process in the House, and most importantly those four facts that are on his side that will never change.