Jordan: The Aid Was Released After Multiple Examples Of Ukraine Demonstrating That It Would Be Used

REP. JORDANPresident Trump did it, didn’t he. 

AMB. VOLKERThat is correct.

REP. JORDANBut in spite of that, President Trump was still skeptical of giving hard-earned tax dollars to Ukraine, right?


REP. JORDANYou said that in your testimony as well and the reason he’s skeptical is, let’s be honest, the guy doesn’t like foreign aid, right?

VOLKERThat’s one reason and then Ukraine’s history of corruption is another. 

REP. JORDANIt’s the third most corrupt country on the planet and Europe isn’t doing enough, and, oh by the way, in the President’s mind, he did think Ukraine was trying to influence the 2016 election because things happened. The Democrats want to deny it, but when the Ambassador from Ukraine here to the United States writes an op-ed on Aug. 4, 2016 criticizing then-candidate Trump, that’s certainly trying to influence the election. When Mr. Avakav, a key minister in their government says all kinds of negative things about candidate Trump, that certainly looks like he’s trying to influence the election, and when Mr. Leschenko states in the Financial Times during the campaign, “The majority of Ukrainian political figures want Hillary Clinton to win,” that probably sticks in the candidates mind. I know we all run campaigns and when people say bad things about us in the course of the campaign, we don’t necessarily think great things about them. But you were convinced Zelensky was the real deal, right? 

VOLKERThat is correct. 

REP. JORDANBecause you spent all that time with the guy. And guess what, when aid was frozen you knew if you could get these two guys together it would work out. When aid was frozen, what did you say? You told the Ukrainians, “Don’t worry about it,” well, you didn’t say that, you said, “Don’t be alarmed,” right?

VOLKER: That is correct.

REP. JORDANAnd guess what happened? When aid’s frozen and when it’s released, all kinds of interactions between President Zelensky and senior U.S. officials, right?

VOLKERThat’s correct.

REP. JORDANIt starts with the call, it starts with the call between President Trump and President Zelensky. The next day, you meet with President Zelensky in Ukraine. Then we have Ambassador Bolton meeting with him, then we have Vice President Pence meeting with him, then we have U.S. Sens. Johnson and Murphy meeting with him, and guess what, in none of those meetings, not a single one, the security assistance dollars in exchange for an investigation, not once did they come up, did that conversation come up. Is that correct?

VOLKERThat is correct.

REP. JORDANNot once. No discussion of aid for investigations and, as you testified, you never believed aid for investigations was ever being talked about either in any of these conversations.

VOLKERThat is correct.

REP. JORDANWhat happened in those meetings? They all became convinced of the same thing you knew. They all saw the same darn thing: This guy was the real deal. He was a legitimate reformer and they all came back and told the President, “Hey, Mr. President, this guy’s real. Go ahead and release the dollars.” Oh, by the way, in that same timeframe, you know what else happened? Their Parliament, their newly elected Parliament, as Mr. Morrison testified to, stayed up all night to pass the reform measures to get rid of the prosecutor, to put in the Supreme High Anti-Corruption Court, to put in this ability that no one in their Congress, in their Parliament could be hit with a crime. I mean, all that happens and they come back and tell President Trump, “Hey, guess what, time to release the dollars.” And he did it, right?”

VOLKERThe dollars were released.