Jordan Presses Holmes As To Why He Told Everyone But His Boss About The Phone Call

REP. JIM JORDAN: Mr. Holmes, why didn’t your boss talk about it?

MR. DAVID HOLMES: What’s that, sir?

REP. JORDAN: Why didn’t your boss bring up the that call you overhead, the reason you’re here today? I mean, you’re their closing witness. Yet their star witness, their first witness, Ambassador Taylor, didn’t even bring it up. Now, when we deposed you, you said this was an “extremely distinctive experience, one of the most remarkable events of my life.” You described it like this, you said, “After the call happens, I immediately told Deputy Chief of Mission and others at the Embassy about the call.” You said you went on vacation, you told several friends and family about the call. Then you come back on August 6th, and you tell Ambassador Taylor about the call. And then in your deposition statement, you said in your statement today as well, “I  repeatedly refer to the call in meetings and conversations where the issue of the President’s interest in Ukraine was relevant. I repeatedly referred to the call in meetings and conversations where the issue of the President’s interests in Ukraine was relevant.” That sounds like government speak for ‘you told everybody.’ Yet their star witness, their first witness, Ambassador Taylor, when he came here, he related 13 different conversations he had between July 18th when the aid is frozen, September 11th when it’s released. Thirteen different conversations, never once mentioning this call. July 19th, Dr. Hill and Colonel Vindman told Taylor what Sondland told them. July 19th, Sondland told Taylor about the upcoming Trump-Zelensky call. July 20th, Sondland told. Taylor what Sondland told Zelensky to tell Trump. July 20th, X tells Taylor what Zelensky told X. July 28th, Morrison tells Taylor what happened on the Trump-Zelensky call. August 16th, Volker tells Taylor what Yermak told Volker. August 21st, Brechbuhl talks to Taylor. August 22nd, Morrison talks to Taylor. August 29th, Yerkmak talks to Taylor. September 1st, Morrison tells Taylor what Sondland told Morrison about what Yermak told Sondland. September 2nd, Morrison tells Taylor what X told Morrison. September 7th, Morrison tells Taylor what Sondland told Trump. And September 8th, Sondland tells Taylor what Trump told Sondland. Nowhere is there a ‘Holmes tells Taylor what the President of the United States told Sondland.’

MR. HOLMES: May I answer that question.

REP. JORDAN: Yeah, I’ll get to you. I’ll give you a chance here in a second, but 13 conversations, 13 conversations from their star witness, you’re their closing witness, and he can’t remember a call from a guy he works with every single day?