Jenkins: “We now have the chance to seize the future”

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Born and raised in Kansas, which she describes as being “on the vanguard of women’s rights,” Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) grew up on a dairy farm before attending college, becoming a Certified Public Accountant and serving the state of Kansas as the Treasurer of Kansas, among other roles.

This background has served her well. Since coming to Congress in 2013, Jenkins, the Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference, has made it her mission to tackle tax reform to help every man, women, and child in this country have the opportunity for a better, more prosperous life.

Now, as Republicans in the People’s House develop a bold agenda for a more confident America, Jenkins reflects on this pivotal moment in our nation’s history in a recent op-ed published in Independent Journal Review: “We now have the chance to seize the future and shape a stronger society.”

A stronger society starts, in part, with growing the economy and creating jobs – a key plank in House Republicans’ positive vision for the future – and the tax code is center stage. Few people understand that better than Rep. Jenkins, a warrior for a simpler, fairer, less-costly tax code who serves on the chief tax-writing committee in the U.S. House.

As she points to Women’s History Month as an “opportunity to relaunch the national dialogue on how we achieve change,” Jenkins describes the road ahead in the People’s House: “…we will continue to make many positive strides this Congress. Each day, we will keep tackling these important issues – such as improving our staggering economy to create more jobs – and together we will build a confident America that both our daughters and sons deserve.”

Read Rep. Jenkins’ full op-ed by CLICKING HERE.