It’s Not Infrastructure Week, Because Democrats’ Plan Is Not About Infrastructure

The more that is learned about the policy outline put forward by President Biden last week, the clearer it is that the proposal is not about “infrastructure,” and is instead designed to raise taxes on the American people in order to pay for bad liberal ideas like the Green New Deal.

Republicans on the House Budget Committee have put together the following outline that spells out how little of this policy approach actually focuses on infrastructure, while highlighting the multiple provisions in the plan that attempt to advance their party’s dangerous, far-left agenda:

This legislation is so partisan and extreme that President Biden’s Energy Secretary admitted yesterday that congressional Democrats will likely pass it via reconciliation, bypassing any attempt to work with or negotiate with Republicans just days after an outline for proposal was introduced:

  • NY Post: “Energy secretary: Biden ready to push infrastructure plan without GOP support”

On top of this, both the Wall Street Journal and New York Post editorial boards explained today how the legislation is not really about infrastructure, and it spends more money trying to empower big labor groups than funding surface transportation projects:

  • WSJ (Editorial): “The SEIU as ‘Infrastructure’”
    • When is a $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill not really about infrastructure? How about when $400 billion would go to expand Medicaid payments for home healthcare, with much of that padding the rolls of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)? That not-so-little detail is one of the line items the media don’t want to cover in President Biden’s latest spending blowout. Allow us to fill the information gap.
    • To further assist the SEIU, Mr. Biden has endorsed the House PRO Act that would eliminate the secret-ballot guarantee in union organizing elections and overturn state right-to-work laws that give private workers a choice of belonging to a union. This would make it easier to unionize home-care aides employed by private companies like adult day care centers.
    • Mr. Biden also wants Congress to “guarantee union and bargaining rights for public service workers.” This means states could be required to let the SEIU represent home-care workers as a condition for receiving federal home-care Medicaid funds. In other words, Mr. Biden’s $400 billion proposal is a political plan to use taxpayer funds to coerce states to expand the SEIU rolls with cash that will then flow back to elect more Democrats. Ah, the wonderfully elastic political uses of “infrastructure.”
  • NY Post (Editorial): “Biden ‘infrastructure’ plan spends more building unions than roads and bridges”
    • President Joe Biden — and his media allies — are touting his latest $2 trillion spending push as a plan to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure. But the single-biggest line item has nothing to do with roads or bridges or even green-energy plants: It’s a ploy to vastly enlarge and unionize the ranks of home health-care aides.
    • Biden’s plan, unveiled in Pittsburgh last week, calls for $400 billion over eight years (a full fifth of the $2 trillion total) to create jobs and raise wages for these workers — while ensuring that they unionize.
    • Biden’s not joking when he says he aims to transform the nation — he’s just not leveling with the voters about what that transformation really means.

The above document from the Budget Committee and previous emails from Conference have pointed out that just $115B of the $2.3T bill is for building or improve roads, highways, bridges and other traditional public works, while only $42B is for airways, waterways, and ports. On top of the $400B to expand Medicaid to help big labor, $600B is allocated to advancing the dangerous principles outlined in the Green New Deal.

As more of the details emerge, the American people will increasingly recognize that this plan is not about “infrastructure,” and is instead focused on raising taxes and spending trillions on policies that will destroy jobs, hurt families, and weaken our country.