It’s Not About COVID Relief

The House will vote later today to send a massive $1.9T stimulus bill to President Biden’s desk. This legislation, which represents a payoff from Speaker Pelosi to her far-left, progress base, includes so many wasteful provisions and bad policies that Democrats are trying to pass under the guise of “COVID Relief.”

It’s become clear since this legislation was release that it is not about providing serious COVID relief. If Democrats wanted to that, they could have worked with Republicans like Congress did five times in 2020 on a targeted and responsible bill. Instead, they gave Republicans no voice throughout this process, rammed this legislation through based on an artificial deadline, and included far-left wishlist item after far-left wishlist item that will hurt the country.

Even Democrats have said that the massive spending in this bill to fund their pet liberal causes will ultimately lead to tax increases on the backs of the middle class. They take steps to advance their anti-life agenda throughout this legislation by not including Hyde Amendment protections, funding Planned Parenthood, using taxpayer dollars to fund and encourage abortion overseas, and more.

The bill also includes hundreds of billions to bailout states that don’t need a bailout, stimulus checks for prisoners and illegal immigrants, and so much more unnecessary spending that even liberal economists admit that this level of spending could lead to inflation and other serious economic consequences.

The following editorial from The Washington Times made all these points and emphasized how the details of this bill show that Democrats are using the pandemic as an excuse to pass their pork projects:

  • The Washington Times (Editorial): “Pork wrapped in a stimulus”
    • Democrats are poised to pass what the White House has declared “the most progressive bill in history,” where only 9% of the nearly $2 trillion in spending is dedicated to coronavirus relief and the other 91% goes to money for the arts, humanities, transportation, abortion, loan forgiveness for students and “socially disadvantaged farmers,” whatever that means.
    • To dub this bill as “coronavirus relief” is erroneous — it’s mostly pork.
    • Eventually, this fiscal irresponsibility will catch up to us — our children’s children will be on the hook for paying for this pork. Lawmakers simply cannot keep sending out free money without any costs in terms of inflation and high interest rates. The Federal Reserve says don’t worry about it, but many economists don’t have a clue about what’s coming next…So yeah, Democrats can own this disastrous bill.

Leader McCarthy provided a further rundown of all the Democrat waste in the bill, which proves why the legislation is more about a payoff to the far-left than serious COVID relief:

Whip Scalise highlighted the fact that the legislation hasn’t changed and 90% of it isn’t even related to COVID:

And Conference Chair Cheney pointed out that there was an opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to agree on a bipartisan bill at a fraction of the $1.9T price tag, but Speaker Pelosi put her radical agenda first instead: