It May Be Just “Crumbs” to You

How would you feel about a $1,000 bonus? Or an increase in your hourly wage?

Probably pretty good. Because to most everyday Americans, a bonus would allow you to send your kid to soccer, pay down your loans, or help you get ahead on your mortgage.

But to Washington, D.C. elitists like Nancy Pelosi, that’s “pathetic” or “crumbs.”



Clearly, she and the Democrats she leads are out of touch with reality.

Because of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, working Americans are already seeing some pretty great wins come in the form of bonuses, increased wages, 401(k) matches, benefit enhancements, and much more.

So, yes, of course we are celebrating these wins for the American workforce. Tax reform is literally putting money back in your pockets, just like we promised.

Less than a month after President Trump signed tax reform into law, more than 100 companies (so far) are paying their employees more!

With $1,578,260,000 (and counting) in employee bonuses!

And $1,662,400,000 (and counting) invested in the U.S. economy!

In fact, according to the Treasury Department, about 90 percent of American workers will see a boost in their take home pay come February when the new withholding tables are released.

And yet…

Defenders of the status quo are still touting their special interests and pessimist rhetoric. First, tax reform was armageddon. Then, tax reform was going to kill thousands of Americans. Now, the tangible, visible, and widespread benefits of tax reform are pathetic.

Perhaps to them, a $1,000 bonus is “pathetic”, but for a single working mom, that’s one month’s rent.

Perhaps to them, a $15 base wage is “pathetic”, but for the new hire with mounds of student debt, that’s a 20 percent increase.

Perhaps to them, a five percent wage increase is “pathetic”, but for everyone who is struggling to make ends meet, that can make quite the difference.

Perhaps to them, the hundreds of millions of dollars being added to charitable contributions is “pathetic”, but for the homeless, hungry, and hurt, that’s a life-changer.

So, yes, we will continue to celebrate the long overdue pay increases and rewards reaching hardworking Americans in our nation. We will continue to celebrate every dollar that is returned to the people who deserve it. We will continue to celebrate the success of the American Dream.

More jobs. Fairer taxes. Bigger paychecks. It’s already here.