Biden's National Security Crisis

Joe Biden has NO PLAN

Communications • August 17, 2021

The Biden Administration’s spokesman John Kirby told CNN this morning that the Biden Administration has no plans to help Americans hiding in Afghanistan get to the airport to be evacuated.  Let that sink in. President Biden has NO plan to help Americans who are hiding from the Taliban get out of Afghanistan.  Kirby’s comments come …

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President Biden’s Weak Address on the Taliban’s Takeover Of Afghanistan Before Returning To His Vacation

Communications • August 16, 2021

President Biden finally came out of hiding to briefly address the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan before quickly returning to his vacation. When the world was looking to the President of the United States for leadership, they saw nothing but failure and weakness.  President Biden spent much of his speech taking no responsibility and blaming others …

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Afghanistan Is Joe Biden’s Saigon

Communications • August 13, 2021

Below are statements from Leader Kevin McCarthy, Representative Michael McCaul, the Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Representative Mike Rogers, the Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, regarding President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.  FROM LEADER MCCARTHY: “For 20 years, our troops have endured months-long deployments, hardships, and time away …

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Key Democrats Remain Silent On Cuban Protests For Freedom

Key Democrats have remained silent as thousands of Cubans march on Havana’s Malecon promenade, and cities across the country, to protest the oppressive Communist dictatorship under which they are suffering from food shortages, high prices, and a worsening coronavirus outbreak. This is one of the biggest anti-Communist demonstrations the country has seen in the 62-year …

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President Biden’s Weakness Results In The Largest Ransomware Attack In History

Communications • July 7, 2021

Three weeks ago, President Biden’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed our worst fear: he is too weak to stand up to Putin.  The Biden Administration’s inability to hold Russia accountable for their previous cyber attacks has resulted in the largest ransomware attack in HISTORY.  THE FACTS: REvil, a group of Russian-speaking hackers believed …

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Biden Tells Our Adversaries It’s Okay To Attack America

Communications • June 17, 2021

President Biden’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed our worst fear: he is too weak to stand up to Putin.  In their meeting, Biden shared a list of critical infrastructure which he reportedly told Putin should be “off limits” from Russian-backed cyberattacks.  ALL of America should be off limits from Russian-backed cyberattacks.   Our adversaries …

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Joe Biden Meets With Putin, Accomplishes Nothing

Communications • June 16, 2021

President Biden just concluded his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin confirming our worst fears that he is too weak to stand up to Putin.  Former President Obama’s Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, said of President Biden and Putin’s joint statement, “there’s not a lot of tangible things here.”  Russian dissident and vocal Putin critic …

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Hours Before Meeting With Putin President Biden Appears Confused & Disoriented

Communications • June 15, 2021

Less than 24 hours before President Biden’s scheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden appeared to be confused and disoriented during a meeting with world leaders on Tuesday.  TRANSCRIPT:  PRESIDENT BIDEN: “And I’ve said before, and I apologize for repeating — oh, Jake Sullivan, my security advisor. I’m meeting with a lot of people. …

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Biden’s Weak Press Conference Before Meeting with Vladimir Putin

Communications • June 14, 2021

During a press conference today, President Biden refused to call Vladimir Putin a killer, laughed, and instead referred to Putin as “bright” and “tough.”‘ RUSSIAN ATTACKS ON AMERICA & BIDEN’S WEAKNESS:  In May, a hacking group with suspected ties to the Russian government was responsible for the ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline.   This attack forced …

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