Biden's National Security Crisis

Biden Lobbies on Behalf of the Kremlin While Abandoning American Energy Producers

Staff • January 11, 2022

Since taking office, President Biden has repeatedly enacted an anti-energy agenda that has caused U.S. energy prices to skyrocket while threatening American national security. This week, the Biden White House sent top officials to lobby Senate Democrats against Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) legislation, which would sanction Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Let …

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Biden Is Too Weak To Stand Up To Putin; His Failed Record Proves As Much

Staff • December 8, 2021

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a virtual meeting on Tuesday amid concerns about Russia invading Ukraine. Americans should NOT expect President Biden to stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden’s failed record when it comes to Russia proves as much. The White House has privately admitted as much when they acknowledged …

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President Biden Will Continue To Show The World What Failure And Weakness Looks Like

Staff • September 21, 2021

Today, President Biden will address the United Nations General Assembly and will desperately attempt to portray strength on the world stage. Our adversaries in Beijing, Tehran, and Moscow will be watching President Biden’s address closely, and America can’t afford to show weakness. Unfortunately for Americans, we know the truth, Biden is a failed and weak …

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Meet The New Afghanistan Government, It’s Filled With Radical Islamic Terrorists

Staff • September 8, 2021

President Biden and his Administration continue to showcase their weak and failed leadership when it comes to Afghanistan. They are now refusing to condemn Afghanistan’s new government, which is filled with radical Islamic terrorists. Just days before the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Taliban announced that Sirajuddin Haqqani would be Afghanistan’s …

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Biden Calls 13 Dead Service Members And Hundreds Of Americans Abandoned An “Extraordinary Success”

Staff • August 31, 2021

President Biden called his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success” this afternoon. Make no mistake: Thirteen dead service members and hundreds of Americans stranded behind enemy lines is an abject FAILURE.  Biden’s tone-deaf remarks came just hours after House Democrats BLOCKED Republican efforts to ensure transparency from the Biden Administration about the withdrawal from …

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Joe Biden Abandons Hundreds of Americans In Afghanistan; He Has Failed Us As Commander-In-Chief

Staff • August 31, 2021

President Biden has failed America as our Commander-in-chief. Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan came to an end yesterday, and contrary to previous promises, Biden abandoned hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.  During an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos just 12 days before, Biden promised,” if there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay …

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Pray For Our Troops

Communications • August 26, 2021

Our hearts break across the country for the brave service members who made the ultimate sacrifice and for all those lost today. Their families are facing unimaginable news. Please join us in praying for them. Sadly, it didn’t have to be this way.  The terrorist attacks at the Kabul airport are a horrific national security …

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Pelosi Shows Off Her Detachment From Reality By Defending Biden’s Judgment

Communications • August 25, 2021

Speaker Nancy Pelosi showed how detached from reality she is when she defended President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, telling reporters that she trusts Biden’s “judgment”.  WHAT? Is Pelosi watching the same news as everyone else?  President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is indefensible and has been criticized as a disaster by both Democratic and Republican …

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President Biden Caves To The Taliban’s Timeline

Staff • August 24, 2021

Today, President Biden surrendered unconditionally and agreed to the Taliban’s arbitrary withdrawal timeline rather than ensuring Americans’ safety.  This should not be a negotiation. America doesn’t cave to terrorists, we set our own timelines. The President must guarantee that every American is safely evacuated no matter how long it takes. President Biden is turning his …

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Biden Still Can’t Guarantee Safe Passage for Americans In Afghanistan, U.S Allies Uneasy

Staff • August 20, 2021

As the world looks on, President Biden continues to exemplify weakness and failure, instead of confidence. The Biden Administration STILL cannot guarantee safe passage for Americans being forced to hide in Afghanistan. Americans should not have to rely on the Taliban to safely get out of Afghanistan. France and the U.K. are having their troops …

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