Biden's Economic Crisis

Just 13% of the Country Believes the Country is on the Right Track Under Democrat One-Party Rule

Americans are paying more for just about everything while making less, our southern border is in the midst of an unprecedented border crisis, and we are paying historically high prices for gas. In short, Democrat one-party rule in Washington has put Americans in a constant state of crisis. It’s not surprising that only 13% of …

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Americans Know Exactly Who to Blame for This Economic Crisis—Biden and House Democrats

A new Monmouth University Poll shows that not only has the percentage of Americans reporting they are struggling financially jumped nearly 20 points over the past year, but nearly 60% of Americans say the federal government is responsible. This is the highest percentage in the history of this poll. Because of this financial burden, only …

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Biden’s Economic Crisis Is Worse Than We Thought As U.S. Economy Shrinks 1.6% In Revised First Quarter Report

President Biden’s economy is worse than we thought. The real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 1.6% in the first quarter of 2022, according to a twice-revised estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. This comes at a time when the second quarter GDP is on track to grow less …

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Americans’ Independence Day Celebrations are 17% More Expensive Because of Biden-flation

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), American families will spend 17% more this year on Fourth of July celebrations compared to last year. The AFBF detailed how Biden’s economic crisis and historic energy crisis are crushing Americans’ producers, leading to higher costs for consumers: “Despite higher food prices, the supply chain disruptions and …

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Biden-flation Is Causing Americans To Drain Their Savings & Delay Retirement

As rising costs continue to outpace Americans’ wages, families are burning through crucial emergency and retirement funds to stay afloat in Joe Biden’s America. According to two new surveys, 67% of Americans are now draining their savings and a quarter of Americans are reporting they will delay their retirement because of this 40-year high inflation. MAKE …

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Fed Chairman Powell Confirms Historic Prices Are the Biden Price Hike

On Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell confirmed that the 40-year high inflation and historic gas prices facing American families today were already skyrocketing before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, affirming what Americans have known all along, this is the Biden Price Hike. MAKE NO MISTAKE: Americans are experiencing the catastrophic economic result of Joe Biden …

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Biden’s White House Came To The Hill To Brief House Dems On America’s Economic Crisis, And It Was A Disaster

After a year of largely ignoring America’s economic crisis, House Democrats invited senior Biden White House officials to come to the Capitol today to brief their Members at a special caucus on how “to talk about economic messaging,” and it was a DISASTER. Politico’s Sarah Ferris reported that the meeting was not what House Democrats …

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Biden’s Climate Czar Says “We Absolutely Don’t” Need Any New Drilling As Americans Suffer Historic Gas Prices

Yesterday, John Kerry, who serves as Biden’s special presidential envoy for climate, said “we absolutely don’t” need continued oil and gas drilling—even as Americans pay an extra $160 a month on historic gas prices. Sadly, House Democrats are in lockstep with this administration’s failed Far-Left agenda. Yesterday, they blocked House Republicans’ American Energy Independence From …

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Skyrocketing Prices Crush Americans This Summer as Democrats Focus on Their Partisan Show Hearings

As Democrats continue their partisan made-for-TV hearings, Americans are struggling to pay the staggering price of inflation and historic gas prices. According to a new Moody’s Analytics analysis, American households are now paying an extra $460 a month on Biden’s inflation tax. In addition, gas prices are maintaining their new record high of $5.01 a …

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