In the New York Times, McMorris Rodgers on How GOP Women Reach Others with Positive Message

Several years ago, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers “… and some of her female colleagues undertook an ambitious campaign — and an unconventional one by Washington standards,” notes a recent article in the New York Times. “They decided to reach out to women via women’s magazines and new media, hoping to connect with them in grocery store aisles and through popular online forums.”

What started to take shape years ago is part of the bold, positive vision Republicans are promoting in the People’s House today.  Says McMorris Rodgers, “We need to be focusing on a positive message and lifting the rhetoric up from the divisive rhetoric that is dominating now. It doesn’t belong in politics, in doesn’t belong in our homes and it doesn’t belong in our workplace.”

The same New York Times article goes on to say, “The effort has paid off. The story of how Representative Diane Black, Republican of Tennessee, struggled through a divorce and was raising three young children on her own before reconnecting with a Marine she first met at a high school dance was featured in January’s Good Housekeeping. The January issue of Elle contained a profile on Representative Martha McSally, a former fighter pilot from Arizona, and emphasized some of her practical political views under the headline: ‘Martha McSally is Not That Kind of Republican.’”

Years of work building a foundation to better connect with people where their conversations happen and on the platforms and publications they use every day recently came together during Women’s History Month – a time when Republicans, particularly Republican women, in the People’s House seized the opportunity to celebrate the past as they themselves make history by blazing the trail for future generations.

As McMorris Rodgers puts it, “It gives you a different impression of Republicans, right?”

We certainly think so – just look at the headlines:

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