Impeachment Evidence Doesn’t Meet Swalwell’s Previous Conditions

CHRIS WALLACE: I want to play something that you said this week. Here you are:

REP. ERIC SWALWELL: This is a crime spree in progress. We have what the President did with the Ukrainians in his shakedown scheme of asking them to investigate his opponent.

WALLACE: Congressman, the hardest evidence —

REP. SWALWELL: Thanks for only playing that part of the Hardball interview.

WALLACE: Yes, that’s true. People will have to go to the internet to find out what we’re talking about. The hardest evidence that you’ve got is that the President conditioned a White House meeting, not military aid, a White House meeting on investigating the Bidens. When it comes to actually holding up military aid, all you’ve got are presumptions. You have nobody who directly says that’s what happened. Does that rise to the level of what you called a “crime spree” and more important, does it rise to the level of ousting, removing a duly elected President of the United States?

REP. SWALWELL: I’m not going to decide ultimately on impeachment yet. We’re still weighing the evidence.