Ignoring The Immigration Crisis Instead Of Addressing It

The facts about the crisis taking place along the southern border demonstrate that the situation is only getting worse, and action is needed it reverse it:

There’s no question that this crisis is taking place because of the Administration’s policies that have weakened our border security and incentivized illegal immigrants to unlawfully enter the country. Instead of reversing these ideas that are clearly having devastating consequences, President Biden and Vice President Harris are abdicating their leadership responsibilities by choosing to ignore what’s happening:

  • The Daily Caller: “Biden Has No Plans To Visit Southern Border Amid Migration Surge”
  • Fox News: “VP Harris dodges question about migrant children: ‘I haven’t been briefed on anything today about it'”

When finally commenting on the situation last night, not only did President Biden refuse to label it a “crisis,” despite all the evidence, but he said that migrants should not come as the U.S. is “in the process of getting set up.” This is the wrong message. There is never an appropriate time for illegal immigrants to attempt to unlawfully enter the country, and anything other than an unequivocal statement condemning these attempts will only incentivize further dangerous activity along the southern border.

The President’s refusal to address this crisis is even more disturbing after we learned yesterday that suspects on the FBI’s terror watchlist have be arrested trying to enter the country at the the southern border:

  • Axios: “Scoop: Four people matching terror watchlist arrested at border”

This crisis is only going to grow more serious and further threaten our nation’s security. Republicans are serious about addressing it, but President Biden and his Administration seem far more interested in ignoring it than taking the steps necessary to get it under control.