ICYMI: A Better Way to Fix Health Care, According to a Doctor Who Knows Best

We’re offering A Better Way forward.

Because when it comes to your health care, we believe you should be the one in control. We believe that you have a right to lower costs, more choices, a stronger Medicare, and innovative cures.

But we’re not just talking about it — we’ve released our plan. Its six pillars present common-sense solutions to our nation’s problems, including a detailed health care plan focused on completely repealing Obamacare’s job-killing, one-size-fits all approach and replacing it with a better solution.

Our Task Force on Health Care Reform is serious about this. Representing many years of real world knowledge and health care experience, these doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are working hard on A Better Way to Fix Health Care.

Experts like Rep. Michael Burgess, M.D. (R-TX), a doctor who spent nearly three decades practicing medicine in North Texas. Rep. Burgess recently penned an important op-ed online for Univision, highlighting our efforts to fix this broken system.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that you can count on Rep. Burgess to continue his years of advocacy on behalf of patients — he recently pressed for better trauma care in the wake of the Orlando shooting, and remains a true advocate for patients all across the country.

As Rep. Burgess puts it, health care solutions won’t come in the form of the top-down mandates and one-size-fits-all regulations that we see now. Instead, it’s going to come from commonsense solutions that put patients first. Burgess talks more about this in his recent op-ed — here are the highlights (in case you missed it):

On Obamacare’s failures:

The empty promises of the Affordable Care Act have left us with a health care system that has compromised accessibility, quality of care, and affordability.”

On empowering patients instead of the federal government:

“The Republican health care plan focuses on driving higher quality health care options and access to care, while shrinking the nation’s deficit. As a key component to this plan, we sought to empower patients to make their own choices, putting power back in the hands of patients and doctors.”

On applying American values to healthcare:

“Our country was founded on the pillars of freedom, liberty, and individualism. These values should not be discounted when crafting policies to create a more confident America.”


View the full op-ed here.