Household income hasn’t changed — but everything else is more expensive

About half of Americans consider themselves part of the middle class — and for those Americans, the past few years have been economically uncomfortable.

Because while middle class income hasn’t changed — the cost of everything else has. Education, gas, home-buying, and even movie tickets cost more than they did in 1995, yet the wages Americans bring home remain stagnant.

CNN Money compared costs of common middle-class purchases, and then looked at wage growth, adjusting for inflation. Here are a few of their findings:

College tuition: Increase of 61%, from $18,712 to $30,094

Median home prices: Increase of 13%, from $175,176 to $197,1000

Gas: Up 94%, from $1.80 to $3.50

Movie tickets: Up 22%, from $6.65 to $8.13

Median household income: Up 0%, from $51,719 to $51,939

For the majority of the country, President Obama’s economic “recovery” has been practically non-existent. When income remains the same and every day costs go up, too many families are put in an economic squeeze.

And with such widespread economic frustration, Americans are starting to put their trust in the solutions Republicans are passing — rather than President’ s failed economic policies. Just this past year, House Republicans passed dozens of solutions that will lower every day costs, help Americans bring home more of their paycheck, and grow our economy from the bottom up. Unfortunately, these House-passed bills remain stuck in a Democratic-controlled senate.

Americans are tired of watching their wallet shrink as the price tags in front of them grow. House Republicans have the solutions to help the working middle class, but will the Senate help or hinder?