House Republicans Talk School Choice, Voice Support for Betsy DeVos

Photo Credit: School Choice Week

Today, in a historic vote, the Senate confirmed school choice advocate Betsy DeVos as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education.

Every child is special and unique, and in order for our students to succeed, they need an education system as special and unique as them. After years of top-down mandates from a government that thinks it knows best, we now have a Secretary of Education who supports innovation in the classroom, charter schools, and expanding choice while lowering cost.

At the end of the day, the best ideas don’t come out of Washington, D.C. — they come from people across this country who know how to educate their children better than any bureaucrat.

As Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) notes, it’s fitting that School Choice Week occurred during the presidential cabinet confirmation process. Just two weeks ago, House Republicans shared why we share DeVos’s dedication to expanding educational options for students regardless of background or walk of life.

Here’s what House Republicans are saying about Betsy DeVos:

“Our soon-to-be Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is a champion for students. I look forward to working with her on expanding opportunities and building on our past success.” –Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA)

“By empowering families with education options, school choice is playing a vital role in helping children access a quality education,” writes Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA). “…As a member of the House Education and Workforce Committee, I look forward to working with the Department of Education Secretary…Betsy DeVos in crafting opportunities to expand school choice for parents and children in Georgia and across the country.”

“It’s quite simple—school choice is about providing our children with the opportunity to obtain an education that works best for them, rather than an education that works best for the Washington D.C. bureaucrat, who favors a one-size-fits-all approach to education. …I look forward to working with my colleagues on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce and with the incoming Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos—a champion of school choice initiatives—as we look to expand school choice options for American students.”Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)

“No child’s zip code should be the determining factor in whether a student succeeds or fails, and school choice aims to give every student in need the opportunities they deserve,” says Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education. “…we will now have school choice partners in the new administration, with President Trump in the White House and Betsy DeVos in the Department of Education, who can help us provide all American students with the education options they need.”