House Republicans Standing For Pro Life

“When Micah was born, his eyes were still fused shut. His bones were not hardened yet. He couldn’t breathe on his own. He was medicated to stay comfortable from pain…”

Micah Pickering was born at 20 weeks post-fertilization and survived to be a healthy five-year-old today. The medical advances of this century have seen countless preemies survive and thrive despite long odds. Their life is just as valuable as any other human being.

But yet, even though we seek to save babies born prematurely, perform operations in utero, and protect babies born alive after a failed abortion, current policy permits aborting an unborn child at this same stage of development.

The United States is one of only seven countries in the world that allows this practice after the 20-week mark. Other countries on that list include North Korea and China.

Surely, our nation can do better than this. House Republicans are ensuring that we do because we see potential in every life – and that includes the unborn.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, HR36

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act , also known as Micah’s Law, restricts abortions 20 weeks or more after fertilization. Specifically, H.R. 36 establishes criminal penalties for any person who performs or attempts an abortion on a fetus after the 20-week mark, but ensures that women on whom these abortions are performed cannot be prosecuted. In addition, the bill provides exceptions to save the life of the mother, and in the case of rape or incest.

The bill also includes additional provisions to protect babies and empower women, including  requiring a second physician to be present to provide care to unborn children who survive abortions, and ensuring that women are informed about the age of the baby and her rights to sue if the law is not followed.

These provisions exist to safeguard mothers like Angele, who begged clinic workers to save her child after he survived an attempted abortion. In this tragic case, workers not only ignored her requests but also blockaded emergency medical staff from reaching Angele and her dying son.

We are taking decisive action  through life-affirming legislation that protects the unborn and mothers alike.

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