House Republicans Stand With President Trump And Against Democrats’ Socialist Policies

Washington – Following the State of the Union address tonight delivered by President Donald Trump, House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) issued this statement:

“Working with Congressional Republicans, President Trump has been able to steer our country back on the right track. Our economy is growing. People are seeing more success and opportunity come their way. The agenda he talked about tonight would build on this progress to expand prosperity, opportunity and security for all Americans.

“While the President outlines this optimistic vision of greatness for our nation, House Democrats are proposing a much scarier alternative. Their new majority is defined by far-left socialism, with extreme ideas that take freedom and initiative from people and give it to the federal government. The want to levy trillions in new taxes on the backs of hardworking Americans and jeopardize the safety of our country by ignoring the crisis on the southern border.

“That’s not the approach that this country needs. House Republicans stand shoulder-to-shoulder with President Trump and are ready to work alongside him to pursue reasonable, common-sense policies that will improve the lives of every single American. Those are exactly the kinds of ideas that he detailed tonight.”