House Republicans Shine Light On Biden’s Border Crisis

Yesterday, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Homeland Security Committee Republican Leader John Katko led a delegation of House Republicans to the southern border to call on President Biden to address his border crisis.

As they explained, the border crisis is a direct result of the Biden Administration’s open border policies and a lack of leadership on the President’s part. Their policies promising a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million immigrants, their moratorium on deportations, their cancellation of policies controlling the flow of migrants, and the ending of border wall construction have all led to the creation of the Biden Border Crisis.

The situation at the southern border not only needs to be addressed by the Administration, it needs to be acknowledged. While President Biden and people around him refuse to even say if the crisis is, in fact, a crisis, they have directed FEMA to take action in addressing the situation and announced yesterday that they will house unaccompanied migrants at a convention center in Dallas, TX.

For more on the situation on the ground, take a look at what some of the members who traveled to the border had to say about what they saw and why this is crisis of President Biden’s making: