House Republicans Remember 9/11

All: Today, we remember the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and those who lost their lives. Earlier today, members of Congress held a moment of silence at 8:46am on the southeast steps of the Capitol to honor the importance and significance of this day.

In the wake of the attacks, members of our Conference heard the call to serve and fight against those who sought to destroy our nation. Below are short videos by some of those members who risked their lives to fight for our safety and freedom:

Rep. Brian Mast: “And it means never forgetting the way that we come together – how we came together in the moments immediately following those attacks. Firefighters and police officers racing to the foot of those towers to anybody and everybody that they could.”

Rep. Michael Waltz: Everyday that I wake up, I think about the Green Berets that I lost. Every day that I show up to work, I think about how to never let it happen again.”

Rep. Doug Collins: “I’m always brought back to this corner, I’m brought back to these towers that once stood… For the remembrance that is made here, we must keep fighting because the world needs the freedom that America provides.”

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler: “I knew that as soon as I got into the Navy, I wanted to do as much as I could for the Global War on Terror so I volunteered to deploy to Baghdad, Iraq… 9/11 definitely impacted me, not only on what I did once I got into the Navy, but also on my outlook on foreign affairs.”

Rep. Jim Banks: “Just over my shoulder is a photo of some who I served with in Afghanistan just 5 years ago. May we never forget the tremendous sacrifices that have been made to keep America safe and secure.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin: “Every moment a servicemember spends away from home… There’s not one moment they forget what it’s all for: our children, our country, and our fellow Americans. No day is that more pertinent than today.”

Rep. Brad Wenstrup: “On this 18th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, let us recommit to protecting our nation, keeping the world safe from terror, and honoring those lost at the hands of evil-doers. May God bless the United States of America.”

Rep. Mark Green: “I’ll never forget where I was when I first saw the towers burning. I knew immediately I was going to war. I was going to say goodbye to my family and go to combat. Many of my friends who did just that, responding to that attack on America, didn’t come back.”

Rep. Mike Gallagher: “It is incumbent upon all of us to look at and remember the incredible stories of heroism and sacrifice at Ground Zero, on Flight 93, all over the country, and certainly the wars that happened after 9/11.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw: “We knew we’d been attacked and it was time to defend ourselves. That’s the American spirit. That’s what I think we commemorate with 9/11, the fact that Americans are willing to do what it takes for our country.”

Rep. Greg Steube: “That September day is one that is etched in my memory as I watched those planes hit the twin towers. The course of my life was changed forever. I joined the U.S. Army shortly after those attacks and was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Rep. Will Hurd: “I got a call at 4 o’clock in the morning on September 12th, 2001… And I joined the first group of officers that started the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center Special Operations Group. It’s hard to imagine a day that had more impact on my career.”

Rep. Denver Riggleman: “One of the most heinous acts ever committed on American soil did not bring us down, but brought us together… 18 years later, we remember the heroes of 9/11, honor their sacrifice, and admire their patriotism.”