House Republicans Present a #BetterWay to Fight Poverty

Too many people are stuck in poverty – trapped by the very system that’s intended to help them escape it.  But instead of just talking, we are putting “words to action” as Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) said earlier today at House of Help City of Hope, where House Republicans began unveiling our bold policy agenda, A Better Way. 

Ours is an agenda to guide our nation on a different path – one that will address some of the biggest challenges of our time, such as a rigged welfare system that measures success by how many programs it creates, not by how many people it helps.   

Take it from someone who has seen what works – someone like Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL), chair of the Workforce Planning Council for the State of Alabama, who noted today:

“…we treat poverty like it is a chronic, incurable disease. We put out a lot of money to just deal with the effects, or so we think. What we should be about – and what this plan is about – is lifting people out of poverty … I have seen it work. I have seen people who are poor receive the job skills that they needed to take advantage of the jobs that were created in 21st century America. They literally get these jobs, and they leave poverty behind them. They leave government dependency behind them.

“That is what we should be all about: giving people the tools they need to live the lives that they want to live instead of just giving them another government program.”

Or Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY), who talked more about how our plan:

“…builds upon the successes of the 1996 welfare reform initiative where we included work incentives and the results were clear that where work incentives were included… there was a dramatic decrease in childhood poverty.”

If the American Dream isn’t true for everyone, it isn’t true for anyone – and that’s what our plan to fight poverty is all about: making the American Dream true for everyone, no matter their walk of life.  Learn more by visiting