House GOP’s Better Way Features Health Care Solutions to Help Families Across the Country

In 2009, the American people were promised a new health care system: one that would give patients a one-stop shop to choose a plan that would be affordable. At the time, the president said, “You will have your choice of a number of plans that offer a few different packages, but every plan would offer an affordable, basic package.”

Six years later, the facts tell a different story. Major health insurers – like Aetna, Humana, and UnitedHealth – are fleeing the exchanges, leaving as many as one-third of counties and seven entire states with only one carrier. The CO-OPs continue to close at a rapid rate, costing taxpayers over $1.8 billion so far – forcing tens of thousands of Americans to find a new plan – yet again.

Last week the administration finally announced what we’ve all known to be true: premiums are off the charts. Competition has dramatically declined. And these realities are leaving patients with higher bills and fewer choices.

But House Republicans have a Better Way to help patients get – and keep – health coverage. Our plan is ambitious, yet attainable.

House Republicans understand that folks back home are looking for more choices and lower costs. Flexibility is critical – not bureaucratic mandates. Our plan clears the red tape and regulatory burdens to accelerate the discovery, development, and delivery of life-saving devices and therapies. Our plan also strengthens Medicare, a vital program for today’s – and tomorrow’s – seniors.

Our solutions put patients first, improve the quality of care, lower health care costs, and restore freedom and flexibility. It also keeps patients on their parent’s insurance until they are 26-years-old, and will not deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. We want to lead the world in cures and treatments, and our plan builds upon the important work outlined in the 21st Century Cures Act to help deliver cures now.

21st Century Cures will bring hope to patients and their loved ones across the country. From removing barriers so we can increase research collaboration, to incorporating the patient perspective into the drug development and regulatory review process, 21st Century Cures will radically change the way we view – and treat – disease.

Cures places an emphasis on personalized medicine and the development of new medical apps that will help save time, money, and lives. Through this initiative, the entire biomedical ecosystem will be able to coordinate and collaborate more efficiently in order to find faster cures.

21st Century Cures is all about hope – a key component of the Better Way agenda. We know our country can do better. These policies will help put us on that path.