House D’s Put Politics Over People (Again)

A vote on the floor today will dispel any remaining notion that House Democrats are using their majority to help the American people.

The Washington Post: “Democrats are putting a political pothole in the way of bipartisan drug pricing bills”

Rather than simply pass a bipartisan package of bills to lower prescription drug prices, Speaker Pelosi is torpedoing the entire effort and poisoning the well by inserting unrelated bills she knows Republicans won’t support:

“The tactic has infuriated Republicans who spent months negotiating legislation cracking down on pharmaceutical companies, and even prompted grumbling from moderate Democrats eager to show some semblance of bipartisanship on a top health care priority.

But the Democrats also worried that the GOP would seize on a bipartisan drug price vote as evidence President Donald Trump is following through on his vows to slash pharmaceutical costs. That could cost Democrats leverage in negotiations over bigger priorities like empowering Medicare to negotiate directly with drug makers.” Politico, 5/16/2019

Bottom line: Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have no intentions of passing anything that has a chance to become law. This is just another blatantly political attempt to score cheap political points at the expense of seniors and millions of other Americans who deserve lower drug prices.