House Ds Fall Agenda In One Word…

As the below piece from The Hill indicates, House Democrats are right to be concerned as Congress reconvenes. The Summer Of Impeachment saw more than half their caucus embrace impeaching the President, even though Speaker Pelosi has correctly acknowledged that “the public isn’t there.”

Politico’s John Bresnahan said it best in the spring when he pointed out that once you start impeachment, “that is your agenda.” With now over 130 of their members on this bandwagon, partisanly attacking this President is unquestionably more important to them than serving the needs of their constituents:


The Hill: Trump probes threaten to overshadow Democrats’ agenda

By Cristina Marcos – September 8, 2019

House Democrats returning to the Capitol this week face a growing dilemma over how to keep focus on their legislative agenda amid an escalating series of investigations of President Trump.

Caucus support for impeachment has only grown since lawmakers were last in Washington in late July, but many, particularly “majority makers” in competitive districts, want to spend more energy on policy matters such as gun reform and health care.

Amid a flurry of Democratic statements supporting impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) warned on a caucuswide conference call over the recess that “the public isn’t there.”

That’s why Democrats who haven’t jumped on the impeachment wagon would rather talk about the party’s legislative agenda on issues such as trade and climate change.

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