House D’s Attempt Desperate Course Correction

After being in the majority for nearly five months, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are beginning to realize their far-left agenda is being rejected across the country.

While simultaneously advancing radical policies like single-payer health care and the Green New Deal, Speaker Pelosi is now trying to convince Americans that Democrats “own the mainstream.”

Let’s take a look at how “mainstream” their agenda has been:

  • Rather than deliver results for American families, House Democrats have pursued their obsession with impeaching the president by holding dozens of sham hearings and authoring impeachment resolutions.
  • With more than 100 cosponsors and Speaker Pelosi’s blessing, Democrats are holding hearings on a single-payer healthcare system that would cost taxpayers $32 trillion and rip private health insurance away from millions of Americans.
  • Pelosi also signaled support for the Democrats’ Green New Deal, which would cost an estimated $93 trillion and eliminate air travel: “I’m very excited about all of it, and I welcome a Green New Deal and any other proposals people have out there.”

This is the same Nancy Pelosi who just last November staunchly defended her liberal San Francisco values, saying “that’s what we’re about.”

Bottom line: From the first day House Democrats held the majority, they’ve embraced socialism and tried to put government in control of virtually every aspect of our lives. The overwhelming rejection of their far-left agenda is causing them to panic, and nobody is fooled by Speaker Pelosi’s desperate attempt to rewrite history.