House Ds are scared

Last month, Liz Cheney called Speaker Pelosi an embarrassment and said she was “surprised,” she still had Democrat support. That support may, finally, be waning.

Some House Democrats are now anonymously “grumbling” to the New York Times about the “tactical missteps,” the Speaker made over the course of impeachment that revealed her true motives for going down this road.

It makes sense that they’re wringing their hands because they know they own all of her blunders, and will be forced to answer for them. See an excerpt of the NYT piece below:

While Ms. Pelosi gets generally good marks from her rank and file, some centrist members now grumble privately that she made some tactical missteps.

Her refusal to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate for several weeks after the House adopted them, which forced a delay in the Senate trial, generated blowback in swing districts, said Democratic lawmakers who insisted on anonymity to speak candidly. They cringed when Ms. Pelosi made a spectacle out of the eventual signing of the articles in January, when she distributed commemorative pens to colleagues. Critics said it undermined her own oft-stated message that this was a “somber” and “prayerful moment” for the country.

“Her whole thing was this was a solemn moment, and that was undignified to do a pen ceremony,” said one moderate Democrat in Congress, who insisted on anonymity for fear of retribution from the speaker. “A lot of us in the front line felt that wasn’t helpful.”

Other Democrats have questioned the decision to impeach Mr. Trump without exhausting the House’s legal remedies to compel the testimony of key White House witnesses. Those fights could have taken months, potentially pushing a vote to charge him up against the presidential election, or even beyond.