House Democrats’ Legislative Calendar Falls Short Of What Is Required For Congress To Do Its Essential Business

On Friday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer released a calendar detailing how the House will do business in the coming weeks and months. In a letter, he explained that committees will operate and work to prepare legislation for the entire month of June, and the full House will not meet in-session to consider legislation until the end of the month.

The House has only been in session a total of five days since March 11th. Meanwhile, President Trump has been at work in Washington, while the Senate met for nearly the entire month of May and will be back in-session this week. See the below video from Rep. Mike Gallagher explaining why House Democrats’ legislative calendar falls short of what is required for Congress to do its essential business:

In addition to their refusal to work for more than three days between now and mid-July – after not meeting for two months because of COVID-19 – House Democrats are refusing to work in a bipartisan manner on infrastructure legislation. Instead of seeking input from both sides of the aisle, Speaker Pelosi and T&I Chairman Peter DeFazio have only proposed a partisan outline that calls for massive new spending programs over the next five years.

As Senator John Barrasso points out in a Fox News op-ed, this is in sharp contrast to what’s happening in the Senate, where both parties are working together on common sense ideas to fix America’s highways, ports and water systems. As he writes, “(t)he bipartisan pieces of legislation are the result of input from every U.S. senator and – as of last month – all three have passed out of committee with unanimous support.”