House Democrats Continue To Choose Partisan Politics Over Governing

House Democrats Continue Their Perpetual Impeachment Efforts

Earlier this week, House Democrats on the Judiciary Committee called on the Supreme Court to allow them to review grand jury material from the Mueller Report to determine if there was new evidence that would allow them to impeach President Trump, again:

  • CNN: “House Democrats tell Supreme Court they need Mueller grand jury materials to decide on new articles of impeachment”

The Supreme Court temporarily denied them access to those documents yesterday. Democrats continue to launch partisan attacks against the President instead of responsibly governing the country during this crisis.

On the Senate floor yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pointed out that House Democrats are continuing their “perpetual impeachment,” even while they have only called the House into session for two legislative days since March:

“Week after week, this Capitol has been a study in contrasts. Call it a tale of two chambers.

“Over here in the United States Senate, the lights are on, the doors are open, and we are working for the American people.

“All month, we’ve been in session — passing national-security legislation, confirming key nominees, and holding hearings on the coronavirus crisis and the effectiveness of the historic rescue package the Senate wrote and passed.

“We’re heeding medical guidance and taking new precautions, but we are showing up and getting things done.

“And across the rotunda, in the House? Crickets.

“Their lights are off. Their doors are locked. “The People’s House” has shown up for a grand total of two legislative session days since late March.

“Two days in eight weeks. A blistering pace.

“Last week, they flew into town to pass Speaker Pelosi’s latest 1,800-page liberal wish list. Diversity and inclusion in the marijuana industry wasn’t going to study itself. That had to be an A-1 priority during this crisis.

“The Speaker’s proposal was so unserious and so far left it could not even unite her own conference. Even after a two month sabbatical, House Democrats could not contribute anything serious.

“But they did find the time to keep fishing for another impeachment.

“More than a year after the Mueller Report thoroughly debunked the collusion conspiracy theory, Democrats are still pursuing the administration in court over that document.

“In a new Supreme Court brief the day before yesterday, House Democrats said they have the right to continue because — wait for it — the President’s impeachment did not actually end with his acquittal.

“Let me say that again. House Democrats are now claiming the impeachment that ended in February is not really over.

“Their brief says they are weighing, quote, ‘whether to recommend new articles of impeachment.’ And referring to Chairman Nadler’s Judiciary Committee, quote, ‘the Committee’s investigation did not cease with the conclusion of the impeachment trial.’ End quote.

“Perpetual investigation and perpetual impeachment.

“If only someone could have predicted this! If only someone, anyone, had warned that House Democrats opening the Pandora’s box of weak impeachments would affect our country into the future.

“Of course, Senate and House Republicans warned precisely that. And here we are.”

  • Fox News: “McConnell accuses House Dems of playing ‘perpetual impeachment’ amid coronavirus”

Ed & Labor Democrats Play Politics with Workers’ Safety Hearing

A day after House Democrats on the Education & Labor Committee announced that they were canceling a hearing hours before it was scheduled to take place, Republicans on the Committee pointed out how their excuses for taking this action were unjustified:

“Their excuse? First, the Democrats claimed they didn’t know what door the witness would use or what kind of car she was driving. After being told that could be fixed within minutes, then they complained they didn’t receive certain testimony 48 hours in advance.

“News flash, it is common practice for administration officials to provide testimony sometimes as late as the night before a hearing. It happened under the Obama administration, but under the Trump administration it is suddenly unacceptable?”