VIDEO: Here’s Why Everyday Americans Are Better Off Now

After years of struggling to get ahead, the American people are seeing jobs, opportunity, and confidence come roaring back.

Two years ago, House Republicans laid out a bold policy agenda called A Better Way to tackle some of the biggest challenges of the day.

Republicans are delivering on our promises. As a result, America is stronger at home and abroad, with a booming economy, safer communities, and a revived military. Americans are Better Off Now. For more on that, visit

Here’s a closer look at why everyday Americans are Better Off Now:

A Booming Economy

The American people are better off now because Republicans enacted historic tax reform (H.R. 1, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) that has led to more jobs and bigger paychecks, and an economic resurgence. Today, taxes are lower, and with a nearly doubled standard deduction and doubled child tax credit, our tax code is simpler and more family-friendly. Republicans have repealed onerous regulations so that our economy can meet its potential, and promoted better skills development to build a 21st century workforce. The result is an environment in which more people can prosper, more businesses can thrive, and our economy can flourish.

Safer Communities

The American people are better off now because Republicans have taken action to combat threats facing our communities and young people. We have made a historic investment in the fight against opioid addiction. Similarly, the Congress has taken action to end the scourge of human trafficking. Important legislation and funding have been signed into law to make schools safer and address our mental health challenges. Multiple bills have been passed and enacted to strengthen our border security, better enforce immigration laws, and target dangerous gangs like MS-13. These are challenges that affect communities everywhere, regardless of race, politics, or economic status, and Republicans have taken the lead on them.

A Stronger Military

The American people are Better Off Now because Republicans have taken action on a historic effort to rebuild our military, fix the VA, and take on rogue regimes around the world. After years of neglect, our armed forces were overstretched and depleted, creating a military readiness crisis that has cost service member lives. With new investments in training, equipment, and personnel, we have begun to reverse the damage of the last decade and reassert the dominance of the American military. Republicans have also made major reforms to the VA so that those who served get the treatment they deserve. At the same time, Congress has enacted tough sanctions packages against Russia, Iran, and North Korea. By holding our foes accountable and strengthening our military, Republicans are ensuring the United States continues to lead well into the 21st century.


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