Happy Tax Day! House Democrats Want to Raise Your Taxes

Today is Tax Day. While this Tax Day is three months later than normal due to the coronavirus, House Democrats have been scheming to take more money from taxpayers since they took the majority. Throughout the course of the 116th Congress, they have introduced legislation that would strip Americans’ hard-earned money and use it to fund their radical policies. Take a look:

  • The Green New Deal would cost taxpayers up to $93 trillion, or $65,000 per household per year
  • Medicare-for-All would cost taxpayers $32 trillion
  • “For The People” Act would:
    • Create a new voucher pilot program that grants eligible voters a $25 voucher of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to donate to any campaign of their choosing.
    • Authorize an inappropriate use of federal workers and taxpayer dollars by granting federal employees six days of paid vacation to serve as poll watchers.
  • Restoring Tax Fairness for States and Localities Act which would remove the cap on SALT deductions and thus give a tax break for millionaires and billionaires, while the middle class in America gets nothing.

In 2017, House Republicans passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which put more money in the pockets of Americans and grow the US economy:

  • U.S. GDP growth is $320 billion higher than projected
  • 6.7 million jobs created thanks to TCJA and other pro-growth policies
  • Real disposable personal income is up to $2,619.

The Bottom Line: House Republicans are dedicated to cutting taxes and putting more money in the pockets of American. House Democrats, on the other hand, want to enact radical policies that will take more money out of the pockets of hard-working Americans.