H.R. 4031 – A real solution to the VA problem

Headlines about the inefficiencies of President Obama’s Veterans’ Administration have been pilling up over the past months. Veterans have been put on unending wait lists, received second-rate treatment, and been subject to disease and even deathAnd these failures are not a new problem – the Obama Administration was warned of the VA’s problems over five years ago.

President Obama responded Wednesday, May 21, with a stern promise to “fix whatever is wrong” with the current VA system. However, the problem is already apparent – management is the source of these disturbing reports and this inadequate care.

House Republicans responded with a real solution – a solution that replaces rhetoric with results. H.R. 4031 the Department of Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act of 2014, will give the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs authority to remove employees of poor performance. Being able to swiftly act will eliminate the very problem our veterans are facing – slow action, low-quality health care, and wasteful practices.

Who will benefit from H.R. 4031?

– Most importantly, the millions of veterans who depend on the VA for benefits and services all over the country. These men and women have provided the ultimate sacrifice, and should receive the best possible service in return. H.R. 4031 will ensure that those who made veterans wait and suffer will be held accountable.

-Taxpayers who fund these programs will also benefit. In some cases, abusive management actually received bonuses and raises in the wake of alleged crimes. Through H.R. 4031, taxpayers’ money will be applied to programs that are working, and to those who deserve to be paid.

-Other VA employees deserve the best and most accountable leadership possible. Being able to directly remove inadequate management will make a better and more efficient working environment.

The House passed H.R. 4031 Wednesday, May 21 – real action for a serious problem. Our veterans deserve the best, and with this bill, we can start to rebuild the broken VA system.