Guest Blog Post: Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH)


A Better Way to Preserve the American Dream

America’s longest standing tradition is under threat. Not apple pie, baseball, or barbecue. A tradition even older than that – the time honored tradition of leaving our next generation better off than we were.

We now seem content with “good enough” for our children. Perhaps this is most true with regard to our economy.

America is the world’s land of opportunity.  We have been since before our Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence, won our Revolution, and adopted our Constitution.

Our standing in the world waned under President Obama because we abandoned the principles that built our nation.  We possess a unique culture, one which embraces principled liberty grounded, but not bound, by our Judeo-Christian heritage while simultaneously fostering economic liberty and prosperity.

An honest businessman has historically been admired in America.  Today, people have come to believe no such creature exists.  Working hard and earning more was aspirational, not something to be ashamed of or demonized from our nation’s bully pulpit.  We did not build the American Dream through demagoguery of those who embrace our heritage or Marxist-style wealth transfers.  Rather than the hope he promised, President Obama has spread despair and division.

Republicans know there is A Better Way.  With this agenda, we seek to unleash the American economy and American entrepreneurial spirit too long hampered by the regulatory state and excessive taxation.

Today, more companies fail each year than launch.  Rather than foster competition, excess regulation and taxation create conditions that are driving this disastrous trend.  New business formation drives innovation, keeps competitive prices in the market, and creates jobs.  Starting and growing a business remains part of the American Dream for many.  Having done that successfully, I can attest that it has been essential for me.  Entrepreneurship offers exceptional opportunity for those who start and grow companies.  Public policy should inspire and foster these opportunities.

People respond to our regulations and tax code with rational behavior.  We have the free market’s least competitive tax code, one that also incentivizes imports over exports.  Our tax code makes American businesses more valuable when moved to foreign countries whose tax codes give them a competitive advantage.  This explains why iconic American companies like Budweiser are now owned by a Belgian company.

The strategy of demonizing  those who act rationally clearly failed and resulted in driving more capital out of America. Instead of words, American needs to respond with action. First and foremost, we need to change the incentives. When we do, America’s growth rate will return, capital will flow into and remain in America, and we will see incredible job growth.  Our children will once again know that they will be better off than their parents.

House Republicans’ bold agenda will hold the regulatory state accountable and bring fairness to our tax system with a plan that puts taxpayers first. Americans should not shut down their businesses or be wary of turning their ideas into reality because the government makes it too difficult. It’s time for the government to get out of the way and let Americans become leaders in industry again.

If we are to remain the world’s best market for goods, services, capital, intellectual property, innovation and more, we need to return to founding principles.  We can’t afford to settle on “good enough” for our children. It doesn’t have to be this way. There is A Better Way, our children deserve it, and our future depends upon it.

     – Rep. Warren Davidson