Growing economic concerns? House Republicans understand

A new economic survey by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation revealed that concern for the economy is growing – and Americans are looking at their leaders to solve the problem.

Eighty-three percent of survey respondents agreed that the national debt is an issue that President Obama and Congress should be spending more time addressing, and 64% say lawmakers should spend “a lot” more time on the issue.

When Americans were asked about their expectations for solving the national debt, responses were pessimistic.  But who can blame them? The President’s “attempt” at crafting a budget was nothing more than political messaging – unworkable and unrealistic. This out-of-touch President and stubborn Senate are making it hard for Americans to remain positive.

House Republicans understand their frustration. Already, under a House Republican majority, federal spending has been cut for two years a row and the most significant spending reductions in modern history have been enacted. The House has passed 7 appropriations bills, compared to the Senate’s zero. They’ve produced bills that will hold the line on spending, improve the economy and create jobs – over 40 bills, actually.  Bills like the Small Business Capital Access and Job Preservation Act, which makes it easier for small businesses to thrive; or  the North American Energy Infrastructure Act, which increases energy production and eases everyday costs for Americans; or any of the other House-passed economic solutions. However, these measures, along with dozens of others, remain stuck in a Democratic-controlled Senate under a stubborn Senator Reid (D-NV).

By working to balance the budget and focusing on strengthening the economy, America’s debt can be solved – however, it requires cooperation and compromise (something House Republicans know how to do – over half of the bills in the House were passed with bipartisan support).

With each day, debt grows and American confidence falls. To get America on track and keep us on top,  House-passed bills must get through the Senate and onto the President’s desk. Executive action and a do-nothing Senate aren’t going to make the lasting change necessary for America to succeed.

House Republicans will continue to pass the legislation Americans are asking for – the solutions America needs. And they’re looking for the Senate and President Obama to join.