GOP Resume Bank

GOP Resume Bank

House Republican Offices or Committees looking for resumes of qualified individuals should visit We are able to best help you with an individualized list of candidates if you provide detailed information about the open position and the qualifications you seek.

The GOP Resume Bank collects jobseekers’ resumes and provides them to Members and Committees looking to fill positions.

Individuals wishing to offer their resumes should submit it by email, as an attachment, to to the high volume of resumes received, we ask you follow these specific guidelines:

File Format: Resumes must be in PDF format, and it is strongly recommended that resumes be no longer than one page.

File Name: The pdf file must be titled Your Name_Home State_Position Desired. For example, John_Smith_CA_Legislative_Assistant.pdf or  Jane_E_Smith_TX_Chief_of_Staff.pdf

      1. You may only list one home state.

      2. You may determine that state as you desire (where you grew up or attended college, etc.), but you may not list more than one state or submit multiple resumes for the same position.

Email Subject: The subject of the email must be identical to the title of the resume you are submitting. Any text in the body of the email will be ignored.

Desired Position: You may submit your resume for up to three positions. A list of positions is below.

Submission Expiration: All resumes will expire after 60 days of submission and will, at that time, be deleted from the Bank.

      1. If you resubmit your resume in the 7 day period before its expiration, your resume will be extended for another 60 days.

      2. You may do so again as each subsequent 60 day period expires if you would like.

      3. If your resume expires, simply resubmit it correctly and it will be added to the Bank again.

      4. Please let us know if you do accept a position or are no longer available for consideration so we can remove your resume from the bank.

Internships: Due to the high volume of internship openings, those seeking an internship should not send their resume to the bank. Instead, please check our Facebook page for internship postings and contact those offices directly. It is strongly recommended that you apply for opportunities in districts in which you have residency ties.

Common positions offices look to fill are listed below. For more information, a description of each position is available from the Congressional Management Foundation.

  • Chief of Staff
  • Scheduler
  • Communications Director
  • Press Secretary
  • Press Assistant
  • Legislative Director
  • Legislative Counsel
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Legislative Correspondent
  • Staff Assistant
  • District Staff (*Note that the Conference Job Bank will rely heavily on positions based in DC.)

Note: Due to the volume of requests received, the office of the House Republican Conference cannot accept drop-ins or phone calls related to the GOP Job Bank or Resume Bank. No informational interviews will be granted.