GOP: “negotiate?” Dems: “no thanks”

According to the Washington Post, House Democrats have proven yet again that they aren’t serious about securing the border:

“A group of rank-and-file House Democrats invited to meet with President Trump at the White House Tuesday refused to attend, a snub of the president and the latest sign there’s no end in sight to the weeks-long government shutdown.”

It’s like a broken record that keeps repeating:

  • President Trump and Republicans attempt to reach across the aisle to find a compromise that addresses the ongoing humanitarian and national security crisis at the border.
  • Democrats let their obsession with telling the president no overcome their duty to protect the country.
  • The shutdown continues as criminals and drugs flow across the border and 800,000 federal employees are stuck in the crossfire.

Apparently the only thing Democrats are willing to say yes to is hopping on a chartered jet and spending the weekend at a seaside resort in Puerto Rico…