GET THE FACTS: Making America Less Safe

America faces more global threats than anytime since World War II. From the Chinese Communist Party’s malign activity to Russian aggression to advancements being made by Iran and much more, America needs to demonstrate national security strength to protect our interests and the interests of our allies.

Instead, President Biden has shown weakness. The decisions he has made have only served to embolden our adversaries – who are making significant advancements – while undermining our ability to provide for the security of the nation.

Examples Of Weakness:

  • Ending the maximum pressure campaign against Iran and taking steps to rejoin the nuclear agreement that puts them on the path to a nuclear weapon even while they continue to enrich uranium. 
  • Said the U.S. will withdraw forces entirely from Afghanistan which could allow terrorists to re-establish safe havens from which to plot attacks.
  • Proposed inflation-adjusted cuts to the Defense Department and Homeland Security Department, even while calling for a 16% increase in domestic spending to fund his far-left agenda. 
  • Suggested the U.S. make these defense cuts at a time when China is making historic and “breathtaking” military advancements. 
  • Shied away from confronting the challenge posed by the Chinese Communist Party and admitted that they are “not in a rush” to address the threat they pose. 
  • Allowed Russia to amass troops at the Ukrainian border while refusing to issue sanctions that would crack down on the construction of Nord Stream 2.

This overall approach makes our country less safe. We need to be providing the resources to secure our nation and send the message to our adversaries that they cannot even think to challenge us because we will respond with overwhelming force.