The President is speaking at length tonight about the climate and while he talks in broad strokes about that issue, he fails to mention the heartless consequences of his and his party’s policies that will hurt millions of Americans and weaken our nation.

Republicans have proposed reasonable, responsible, and common sense solutions that support the positive steps made to improve environment quality without penalizing America’s energy industry. In contrast to that, the Biden Administration’s agenda will have widespread negative ramifications that will destroy jobs, increase energy costs, and embolden our adversaries around the world:

The Cause:

  • Ended the Keystone XL Pipeline which cancelled 11,000 jobs sustained by the project
  • Issued a ban on new energy leasing and permitting on federal land which could eliminate up to 1,000,000 jobs and force the U.S. to rely on foreign nations for our energy. 

The Effects:

  • 159% increase in gas prices already over the last year. 
  • Americans struggling to find work and get by after the cancellation of energy projects
  • More Green New Deal-style spending plans to come that would further hurt Americans who rely on the energy industry while substantially increasing the federal government’s overall role in the economy. 

Instead of advancing the radical left’s extreme climate agenda which attempts to remake our entire economy in a socialist fantasy, President Biden should be working across the aisle with Republicans to find bipartisan solutions that help to strengthen our environment while simultaneously recognizing the important place that the energy industry has in our country.