Follow The Science…Open The Schools

Yesterday, Republicans attempted defeat the Previous Question and bring to the floor a bill sponsored by Rep. Ashley Hinson that would help get students back in the classroom safely:

In a sign that they will continue to ignore the guidance provided by CDC, Democrats advanced the previous question proving that they will stand with their teachers’ union allies and keep classroom doors’ shuttered.

An editorial published today by The Wall Street Journal highlights the hypocrisy of the new Administration for claiming that they will listen to the scientists, but will not take any action in trying to get students back to school in-person:

  • The Wall Street Journal (Editorial): “Where’s Biden on Opening Schools?”
    • “Perhaps you’ve heard, a few thousand times, that the Biden Administration will listen to the science. Well, the science says schools can safely reopen, but the White House is still listening, make that bowing, to the non-scientists who run the teachers unions…”

The House Republican Conference also put together the following video that highlights President Biden’s hypocrisy on this issue: