Chairs Goodlatte and McCaul: House is focused on securing the border and keeping Americans safe

Jun 18, 2018 | Communications •

House Republicans are focused on the American people’s priorities, including securing our border and keeping Americans safe. This week, we’re working on important legislation that helps fulfill the president’s promise to secure our border, stop illegal immigration, close enforcement loopholes, and end the threat of amnesty.

To learn more, check out what Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and House Homeland Security Chair Michael McCaul (R-TX) said as they took to the airwaves to highlight the consensus building that shaped this bill and the positive impact it will have on our immigration system:

Chair Goodlatte on Fox Business:

“I obviously like the bill that I’ve introduced along with Michael McCaul, and Martha McSally, and Raul Labrador–chairmen of the committees and subcommittees of jurisdiction of the issue–but we’ve also worked very collaboratively with the leadership, and with people who support the discharge petition and people who do not support it all across the spectrum. And we have reached a consensus bill which we provided text language that we’re now circulating…I will be supporting both of them.”

Chair McCaul on Fox News:

“I’ve been working with the President of the United States on legislation. I talked to him, just in fact, yesterday. The president is fully committed to both of these bills. He’s put the full weight of his office behind it. The McCaul-Goodlatte bill –they both — I would say provide the four pillars that I discussed with the President at that sort of famous round table discussion. Most importantly from my perspective, it’s got border security in there. It’s got funding for the wall that the President really wants, it’s got the technology and boots on the ground, and the four pillars being ending chain migration, ending this random visa lottery system, providing border security, and a DACA solution.”

“…I do think this is a historic opportunity to advance conservative agenda that we’ve been trying to do for the last 25 years, to structurally change the way we do immigration and make it more merit-based rather than random, and also get that border secure because… the threats, as I get briefed by the Secretary and the ICE Director, of potential terrorists and drug cartels and all the other stuff is real.”

Chair Goodlatte on Fox News:

“By the way, we have two bills and I’m on both of those bills. We have the bill that I introduced along with Michael McCaul, the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and the Chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee and the Chairman of the Border Security Committee. We introduced that earlier in the year. We have been working hard to get to 218 votes. We have not thus far succeeded in doing that.


“So we’ve been working to get this consensus bill, the second bill in that room in addition to myself has been Raul Labrador, Michael McCaul, Mark Walker, the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, Leaders of the Freedom Caucus, people who signed the discharge petition, the Tuesday Group. This is the consensus bill and a very conservative bill. Some have called it the moderate bill. It’s not that at all. It has some conservative provisions that are not even in the first bill, especially a trigger that says when we do stuff for the DACA population, that will not continue if the funding is in any way rescinded by any future Congress. We’ll advance appropriate these funds and if they are rescinded the other program stops as well. That’s a really important feature.”

Chair Goodlatte on Bloomberg

“We have been working very hard with everybody across the spectrum of our conference to come up with a consensus bill, and we’ve been working with the White house on that, as well.

“That consensus bill contains all the things that he outlined when he was interviewed this morning, including not only funding for the border wall, but funding with a trigger mechanism that says the good things that this bill does for people who were brought here illegally by their parents, allowing them to stay and follow existing pathways and have new opportunities…that won’t happen if the funding is in any way rescinded during the time that these new border security methods are being implemented.

“It will also include the closing of a multitude of loopholes. It also includes ending the visa lottery program, and use those green cards to move towards a new merit based immigration system, and dealing with so-called ‘chain migration’. All of those things that the president wanted are in that measure. More discussion is taking place, and we’re expecting any time now, further clarification. I expect this process will move forward because it is absolutely essential that we pass a bill.”