Five Priorities Funded

To understand someone’s priorities, you can take a look at their receipts. And the Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill is a pretty good indicator of the American people’s priorities. The bill focuses on protecting jobs, cutting wasteful spending, and stabilizing national security. Most importantly, the FY 2015 bill slashes unnecessary spending – reducing overall spending by $165 billion since FY 2010.

Here are 5 things inside the FY 2015 Omnibus Appropriations Bill you should know about: 

1) A renewed focus on our military men and women, national defense systems, and foreign relations:

Defense Priorities

In addition to revamping the logistical operations of the U.S. military and embassies, this his bill also funds a pay raise for our troops. Our military’s health took a front seat spot, too — we set aside funds for research on traumatic brain injuries, prosthetic devices, and psychological health.

2) Supports 6.7 million Veterans by revamping our VA Health system:

Military Priorities

This bill modernizes our veterans’ health care system. We ensured the development of electronic health records and stream-lined the claims process to end the existing backlog within the VA.

3) Lowers energy costs for American families with an all-the-above energy strategy:

Energy Priorities

By purposefully investing in fossil, nuclear, and renewable energy, we will not only decrease American dependency on foreign oil, but also lower everyday energy prices. This bill also cuts unnecessary regulation that is currently debilitating future energy grown and curbs the overreaching EPA by $60 million.

4) Cuts funding for the IRS:

Financial Priorities

Within the past year, discrepancies and dishonesty have been found within the IRS. The FY 2015 bill  prohibits funds for improperly disclosing confidential tax payer information as well as inappropriate videos and conferences staff. Funding for the IRS has been cut by IRS by $345.6 million from last year.

5) Increases Pell Grant and health research amounts Amounts — and ends new funding for Obamacare:

health and education

Saving money in the Obamacare sector allows us to allocate funds to programs that help Americans. Cancer and brain research, as well as Ebola relief will help bring America back to the forefront of health research — and students across the nation will benefit from increased Pell Grant Awards.

This bill is a reflection of America’s New Congress – a Congress that listens to the American people.  A Congress that makes the people’s priorities our priorities. As we look forward to the new year, this funding bill will not only guide House Republicans, but hold us accountable to those who we work for: the American people.