The choice and the contrast are clear: Republicans will bring safety and security to our communities, defeat the virus, bring back our economy and defend the nation while the Democrats embrace socialism, appease and accept riots and violence, defund the police and erase our history. 

Building Economic Prosperity

Rep. Fred Keller: President Trump’s Great American Comeback

Let us be clear; President Trump and the policies set forth by his administration did not get us into the mess that we are in now—but they are our country’s best chance to lead us out of it.

Rep. Ron Wright: House GOP Has A Plan For Economy To Come Back Even Stronger After COVID-19 Recession

House Republicans have put forward a pro-growth, pro-family and pro-worker agenda that will quickly help America rebuild and restore the best economy we have seen in decades.

Rep. French Hill: Getting To Work, Task Begins For CARES Act Panel

Following President Trump’s pledge in the State of the Union address on Feb. 4 “to safeguard our citizens,” the president on Feb. 24 asked Congress for emergency funding to bolster the coronavirus response.

Rep. Buddy Carter: The Great American Comeback

We were in the midst of the most robust economy in our history and unemployment was at historic lows when the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world. Pro-growth policies like lower taxes enacted in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act were working.

Rep. Ron Estes: Encouraging Research And Development Can Drive America’s Recovery

As America begins to safely reopen, I’m confident the resilience and tenacity of American workers and entrepreneurs will help our economy recover.

Rep. Ann Wagner, Rep. Jackie Walorski, Rep. French Hill, Rep. Rob Wittman, and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers: Solutions for America’s Suburbs

We believe that the next decade of American exceptionalism will be rooted in the suburbs of our nation, with Republican legislative policies leading the charge.

Rep. Carol Miller: Fighting For America’s Future

Our economy was booming and we can continue to increase opportunity for every American.

Historic Deregulation

Rep. James Comer: To Boost Recovery, Congress Must Evaluate Regulatory Reforms

We must do more to ensure that businesses are not needlessly constrained by outdated regulations that fail to meet the moment. In doing so, we must listen to the job creators essential to any recovery.

Defeating COVID-19 With Vaccines And Therapeutics

Lifting Up American Workers

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: A Marshall Plan For Main Street

The Paycheck Protection Program will ensure that small businesses are ready when America reopens. It puts workers first, provides relief for businesses, and will help keep tens of millions of workers on the payroll.

Achieving Fair And Balanced Trade

Rep. Andy Barr: USMCA Agreement Good For Kentucky

Fortunately, President Donald Trump has kept his promise to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in favor of a more free, fair and reciprocal trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

Rep. William Timmons: How Trump’s Recently Signed Trade Deals Will Benefit South Carolina

When President Trump was sworn into office, he made a commitment to restore American businesses’ competitiveness on the world stage. The signing of USMCA represents similarly good news, particularly for people here in South Carolina.

Rep. Joe Wilson: Promises Made, Promises Kept on USMCA

President Trump has worked tirelessly for Americans through his pro-job, pro-family and pro-America agenda. President Trump has said he would work for deals that would benefit the United States, and he has kept that promise to create jobs.

Rep. David Kustoff: USMCA Is A Win For Tennessee

Through better and more modern trade policies, the USMCA will not only increase Tennessee’s exports, but it will create more jobs, raise wages, and allow Tennesseans to achieve overall greater economic prosperity.

Rep. Ron Estes: Promise Made, Promise Kept With USMCA

With this updated North American trade agreement, the president’s signature on the USMCA brings our country one step closer to unleashing new jobs and opening new markets for Kansas farmers, manufacturers and small businesses.

Rep. Jodey Arrington: Trump’s Phase One China Trade Deal Result Of Negotiator-In-Chief’s Courage

At this critical juncture in history, we are fortunate to have a Negotiator-in-Chief who understands that China is the biggest existential threat to America and, more importantly, who has the political courage to do something about it.

Rep. Mike Gallagher: Let The Trans-Atlantic Trading Begin

By creating a gold-standard trade agreement and then working to incorporate like-minded partners, our two nations can pave the way for a prosperous and peaceful 21st century.

Unleashing American Energy

Rep. Steve Scalise, Rep. Jeff Duncan, and Rep. Markwayne Mullin: U.S. Innovation, Free Market Key To Clean, Affordable Energy

In the past three years of pro-growth Republican policies under President Trump’s leadership, we have reversed much of the economic damage done by the Obama administration and unleashed the incredible potential of American energy resources.

Protecting Our Nation

Rep. Dan Newhouse: Standing Together For Our National Defense

The bill not only helps bolster our national security efforts through increased technology and defense resources, but it also provides greatly deserved pay, benefits, and services for our troops and their families.

Restoring American Leadership On The World Stage

Holding China Accountable

Rep. Michael McCaul: Coronavirus Pandemic Resulted From Failure Of Chinese Leaders To Act Quickly

The virus spread like wildfire while the CCP not only turned a blind eye, but actively attempted to hide the disease from its own people and from the world.

Rep. Neal Dunn: We Can’t Afford To Downplay Risks From China

America cannot afford to ignore our dependence on supply chains that include China any longer. This is a foreign power that is not an ally and must be dealt with through strong diplomacy and a clear-eyed sense of realism.

Rep. Michael Cloud: The Chinese Government Must Be Held Accountable For The Spread Of COVID-19

Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Rep. John Joyce: Communist China Puts Our Technology And Safety At Risk Every Day

It’s been a long time coming, but more and more Americans are waking up to the threat of Chinese influence in our technology. This is a reality we must face as a nation and one we need to get a handle on before it’s too late.

Rep. Mark Walker: In Biden’s World, China Will Be Unleashed

Simply put, there’s too much on the line; American lives, jobs, and values are at stake. We must stand firm against China by condemning its reckless actions and demanding consequences.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Pushing Back On China Requires Bold Action – And Now

The United States can no longer view China simply as an economic competitor. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has evolved into a clear and present national security threat that must be addressed now.

Rep. Troy Balderson: Time To Crack Down On China

We can no longer look the other way while China’s leaders – the Chinese Communist Party – so recklessly continue to endanger the global economy and the safety of our own American citizens.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler: Trump Right To Act Against China For Its Inhumane Crimes Against Uighur Minority

The US and the international community can’t turn a blind eye to the atrocities happening in China.

Rep. Kevin Hern: Holding China Accountable For Attempted Coverup On Coronavirus

The United States and our allies have the power to stop the CCP in their tracks. It begins with a complete reversal of the Obama-era policies that allowed China to become an upstart superpower right under our noses.

Rep. Buddy Carter: We Cannot Take Our Eyes Off China

We cannot afford to take our eye off of Chinese actions and interests. We need to hold China accountable in ways that will simultaneously increase America’s independence and preparation for the future.


Securing Our Borders

Upholding Law And Order

Rep. Ron Estes: Restoring America’s Police Force And Taking Back Our Cities

To rebuild our cities from the chaos and violence, we must start with defending the men and women in uniform who keep our streets safe and secure.

Rep. Alex Mooney: Seizing Upon National Tragedies, House Democrats’ Latest Target For Political Gain Are Our Police

While far-left rioters burn the United States flag, loot businesses, shatter storefronts, topple monuments and deface historic property, our law enforcement officers are on the front lines risking their lives to keep all Americans safe.

Rep. Rick Allen: Democrats Should Join Republicans In Condemning Lawlessness And Supporting Police

The dedicated men and women who serve in law enforcement need our support now more than ever.

Rep. John Carter: Defunding, Dismantling The Police Isn’t The Answer

I spent decades as the judge of the 277th district court of Williamson County. Every day, I worked with law enforcement officers. Through these interactions, I strongly believe that most police officers are selfless public servants devoted to keeping our communities safe.

Rep. Mike Simpson: Defunding The Police Is Not The Answer

Most Americans agree that the rule of law, and consequently law enforcement, are critical tools of our social contract, and we should make it easier for police officers to do their jobs well, not harder by draining their resources.

Rep. Greg Pence: Law Enforcement Officers Deserve More Support, Not Less

Hoosiers know our law enforcement officers as neighbors, friends and honorable public servants who, even on the easiest of days, perform a difficult and dangerous job.

Expanding Freedom And Choice In Health Care

Rep. Morgan Griffith: Prescription Drug Prices: Two Paths

Reducing prescription drug prices should be a priority for the House of Representatives. It has been for Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee, including myself.

Rep. Bob Latta: Bipartisan Plan Better For People Needing Medicine

As a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I’ve worked with Republicans and Democrats on bipartisan solutions that would work to lower out of pocket costs and save more than $8 billion over the next ten years.

Rep. Adrian Smith: Innovation: The Key To Fighting Infectious Diseases

Now, during a worldwide health crisis, is our chance to refocus on solving our urgent health care challenges by unleashing American innovation.

Supporting Our Veterans

Rep. Greg Walden: We Must Continue Standing Up For Our Nation’s Veterans

The men and women who have selflessly served our great nation deserve the utmost support and respect. One of my top priorities in Congress is ensuring our veterans receive the service and support they earned every day.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: We Must Ensure Our Veterans That They Are Not Alone

America has the greatest military in the world, bar none. Our men and women are well trained, equipped, and prepared for battle. We revere our heroes who serve and sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy here at home.

Rep. Phil Roe: Preparations At Department of Veterans Affairs For COVID-19

Standing Up For Life