What Do Ferris Bueller and the American Tax Code Have In Common?

America’s tax code hasn’t been substantially reformed since 1986. As in the same year “Ferris Bueller” came out. As in the same year that Chernobyl exploded and the Space Shuttle Challenger fell out of the sky. It’s been 31 years since it was signed into law.

The American people have made it clear: 2017 is the year for tax reform. We are hard at work to reform and replace the current, broken tax code with a fairer, simpler system that works for all Americans.

The House, the Senate, and the White House are on track to deliver permanent, pro-growth tax reform this year that:

Grows jobs and paychecks nationwide.

Makes the tax code fairer and simpler.

Helps middle class families succeed.


Our vision for tax reform…  

We will lower taxes at every income level and allow all Americans to keep more of their own money. We’re also making the tax code simpler by consolidating the seven current income tax brackets into three.

That’s not all! Our vision for tax reform will do even more, but we’ll just leave you with that for now. Mull it over, ask questions, join the conversation, and then check back tomorrow to learn more about the key components of the GOP tax reform.

Do you think we need tax reform?

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If you like the idea of lower income tax, which who doesn’t, then you’ll love what we have to say tax rates for job creators under the new Republican tax reform plan.