February Brings Bad News for the President

Today’s CBO report highlighting the damage the President’s health care law will do combined with the recent State Department report clearing the way for the Keystone XL Pipeline indicate that the President is in for another rough month.


  • A brand new report from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO)states that Obamacare will reduce the number of full-time workers by roughly 2.3 million people through 2021.
  • That same report goes onto say that Obamacare will insure 1 million fewer people this year than previously estimated.
  • Additionally, the report states that the Obamacare will reduce aggregate labor compensation in the economy by about 1 percent.
  • The Washington Post reported yesterday, that 22,000 Americans have filed requests with HHS to fix glitches in their health care coverage, but the computer program to process those requests has not even been built.

Keystone XL Pipeline

  • The State Department’s recently issued a report stating that the environment impact of building the Keystone XL pipeline would be minimal.
  • This morning, the President’s former Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, appeared at a news conference in Trinidad and Tobago to say that the decision about whether to build the Keystone XL pipeline was ‘a political one, not a scientific one.’