Everything Is “Infrastructure” According To Democrats

This tweet from Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says it all about Democrats’ “infrastructure” plan:

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  • Fox News: “Gillibrand mocked for calling child care, paid leave ‘infrastructure'”
  • NY Post: “‘Unicorns are infrastructure’: Sen. Gillibrand mocked for definition of Biden plan”

The reactions and responses have been widespread, but they all make an important point. The latest plan proposed by Democrats is not about “infrastructure.” It’s about their liberal priorities that will increase taxes, destroy jobs, weaken our economy, and hurt families:

They have included funding for Green New Deal programs, giveaways to big labor, and resources to support absurd liberal studies in this legislation under the guise of calling it “infrastructure.” This is despite the fact that less than 6% of this $2.3T bill actually funds the kind of surface transportation projects that members of both parties agree we need, while the vast majority of the bill is focused on Democrats’ dangerous policies.

  • Fox News: “Democrats, Biden push limits of infrastructure definition as fight over spending plan takes shape”
  • WashEx: “White House stands by expansive infrastructure definition used for spending bill”

Even White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein knows what “infrastructure” is and, more importantly, what it is not. While the Administration he’s a part of now tries to use the guise of infrastructure to pass a slew of far-left ideas, Klein acknowledged in 2017 that roads, bridges, and water systems are “the kind of things most Americans think about when they say we need more infrastructure spending”: